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May 8, 2020

Health Frontiers Radio - Mother’s Day Celebration

Welcome to the Health Frontiers Radio Show and Podcast where our goal is to empower our listeners to be the champions of their health and their future through education and proper supplementation. 

In the century since President Woodrow Wilson signed the proclamation making Mother’s Day a national holiday in 1914, there have been wars and depressions and every political and economic situation in between. But in a world that has changed so quickly in recent weeks—and one that is looking toward very real economic instability—Mother’s Day 2020 will take its place on the shortlist of most unusual second Sundays in May.

Join our team as we welcome two awesome Moms, Mary Lehner and Rebekah Newell (who are actually mother and daughter) to share their thoughts regarding the blessings and challenges of being a mother and grandmother - especially during these challenging times. 

These ladies have a wealth of valuable experience as Moms and in the business world. As you will see, both of these Moms know a thing or two about healthy choices and lifestyles as well.  Mary was a single Mom for 14 years and Rebekah runs her own essential oil business while raising three children ranging in ages from two weeks old to four years old!

For our Moms who need to reset their metabolism, sleep better, and have more energy after this pandemic lockdown, Logos has a special offer for the show on their amazing Kestasis program.  Get all three phases (7-week program, $4/day) at 17% off the listed price of $240.  For a limited time get all three for only $199.  My friends and family have completed this program and seen amazing results.  

We hope you will find this show to be as uplifting as we did with compelling information regarding birthing (hospital vs midwife), herd immunity, meals and supplements, grounding and the importance of getting sun, and building strong immunity.

Mary's art/painting company and where she can be reached for her Performance Branding as well:

Rebekah's essential oils company:

Find her at Instagram: and find her essential oils at