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Mar 13, 2020

Health Frontiers Radio
Back to the Future - Personalized Medicine 
Gone are the days when the family physician knew everything about you and your entire family history, your diet and lifestyle choices, and even the skeletons in your family closet!  All too often, patients today are treated as a set of impersonal data points and symptoms that are to be targeted and masked with drugs - with no regard to the underlying causes of the symptoms. Medicine has become so specialized that sadly, most physicians simply don’t have the time, training or desire to investigate their patients’ diet and the multitude of exposures that influence our health so profoundly. 

Today we peer behind the curtain of Personalized Medicine with two cutting edge practitioners who take a holistic approach to patient assessment and treatment - our very own Dr. Chris Meletis (world-renowned Naturopathic Physician) and the extraordinary Al Fusco (Certified Clinical Nutritionist/Therapist and Wellness Coordinator who has served patients alongside grateful medical doctors for decades).  Join us for a fascinating discussion with these modern-day “Disease Detectives” who believe that alternative 'natural' medicine, for most health problems, should be the logical first choice in health care. You will be stunned by the clinical insights they share as we examine the methods they employ to assess health challenges and foster life transformation in their patients.

Get to know ND Chris Meletis:

Dr. Chris D. Meletis
Naturopathic Physician
Make an appointment with Clinical Nutritionist and Wellness Consultant, Al Fusco:
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