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Mar 22, 2019

Chris Meletis explains that, the oxidation of LDL in the blood and on the artery wall plays a key role in the formation of atherosclerosis. LDL particles carry cholesterol from the liver to the peripheral cells, including the cells that line the arteries, and this is called the forward cholesterol transport system. Low antioxidant status of the blood and LDL particles, and other sources of oxidative stress, cause oxidative modifications to LDL by free radicals. Immune system cells, the macrophages, recognize the modified LDL cholesterol particles and engulf them. Eventually, further modifications convert this fused particle into a foam cell. Foam cell buildup in the arteries and the microcirculatory system cause bulges and streaks in the artery wall that we call atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries.

John Lehner and John Burgstiner reveal that proper supplementation with a key group of antioxidants can help stop LDL oxidation from occurring and are therefore a critical component of any heart health regimen along with regular, interval training.  It's key to exercise at a pace your body can keep up with, whatever state that may be from young and competitive to older with joint and muscle concerns.  

John Burgstiner and Glenn Edenfield explain the benefits of Logos Nutritionals Heart Health Pack, which includes:  Essential Omegas, Magnifical, Magnifizyme and Ubinol CoQ10.  Buy one Heart Health pack and receive a free bottle of Nitro Complex which helps oxygenate the blood and increase HGH.  Enter coupon code hearthelp at checkout.