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Feb 14, 2020

Keto here, keto there, keto keto everywhere!  It seems that everyone is talking about ketosis and the many benefits of a ketogenic diet. It is being hyped for everything from cancer prevention and treatment to morbid obesity and Type 2 diabetes. But is it really safe and effective? Not for everyone - and typically not as a long term health strategy.

However, as we will see, ketosis has its place as a valuable health-promoting strategy for the right persons and under appropriate supervision.

Join us as Dr. Chris Meletis, John Lehner, John Burgstiner and Glenn Edenfield once again welcome Al Fusco to our broadcast team to discuss the benefits and risks associated with ketogenic diets. Learn the facts regarding ketosis and how it can be a powerful strategy for weight loss and health transformation when properly monitored and with proper supplementation.

The team also examines and discusses the Kestasis Protocol from Logos Nutritionals which combines the benefits of a ketogenic diet and lifestyle with the concept of homeostasis (a state of balance or equilibrium within the body which Logos has pioneered with the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol over the last 25 years).

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