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Sep 6, 2019

Logos Nutritionals History and Vision Cast 

-   Logos History - Q&A with John B –

♣ Tell us about your dad, Dr. Carson Burgstiner.

♣ How did Dr. Burgstiner get sick and how did he overcome it?

♣ What was the reaction by the medical and scientific community to his nutritional discoveries?

♣ What were some of the early struggles to get the Complete Thymic Formula into the hands of those that need it? 

♣ What were some of the early results for patients? 

♣ When and How was Logos Nutritionals LLC formed and what is the meaning of the name?


- The Burgstiner Wellness Protocol Convenience Packs - 

- Glenn Edenfield presents the Flyer of The Week:

Save 10% on the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol Convenience Packs when you buy 4 of the 7-day travel packs.  Buy Here.  


Burgstiner Wellness Protocol and Vision Cast

♣What is the protocol and how does it work?

♣What is your vision for Logos Nutritionals both on a product level and ministry level?

♣ How can listeners get involved?

1.  Reviews Reviews Reviews.  Buy on Amazon and leave a review or buy on our website and leave a review.

2.  To enter to win a $25 credit to your account - send a 30 second to 1-minute video review of a product to


Links in the show:

Naomi Judd's book - Love Can Build A Bridge

Meet John Burgstiner

About Logos Nutritionals

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