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Sep 27, 2019

Join us for a fascinating discussion with the founders of NanoSpot Health, Steve and Sally Jo Melby, who are delivering the benefits of Personalized Medicine directly to consumers through cutting edge diagnostic lab testing services accessed from the privacy and convenience of home (No Prescription Needed).  After struggling for years with their son’s health challenges, the Melbys’ prayers were answered when they were led to our own beloved Dr. Chris Meletis who introduced them to the concept of Personalized Medicine through specialized lab testing.  
The Melby’s saw firsthand the impact of gaining intimate knowledge of their son’s nutritional status and metabolic profile and set out to help others gain affordable and convenient access to the same kinds of testing.  Logos Nutritionals is gladly and gratefully partnering with NanoSpot Health in its mission to empower health seekers and their medical providers with information that may prove crucial to their diagnosis and/or treatment. 
To learn more or order test kits Click Here.