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Sep 13, 2019

Join Dr. Chris Meletis and team as they talk about a case study from a young lady that went into the hospital for a simple kidney stone, and it turned into a near-death experience.  


This is what the Mayo Clinic has to say about Kidney Stones.  Click HERE.

Understanding detox pathways diagram

Organic Acid Pathways

Sep 6, 2019

Logos Nutritionals History and Vision Cast 

-   Logos History - Q&A with John B –

♣ Tell us about your dad, Dr. Carson Burgstiner.

♣ How did Dr. Burgstiner get sick and how did he overcome it?

♣ What was the reaction by the medical and scientific community to his nutritional discoveries?

♣ What were some of...

Aug 30, 2019

Join Dr. Chris Meletis and team as they bust the myth that "an aspirin a day can help prevent heart disease and stroke".  

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Aug 16, 2019

Dear Friends,

There is so much controversy around this disease because most doctors and patients don’t understand it. Even many supposed experts do not completely comprehend its complexities.  However, ND Chris Meletis and John Burgstiner of Logos Nutritionals do understand the complexities and are excited to share...

Aug 9, 2019

Join Exercise Physiologist John Lehner and Natural Healer John Burgstiner of Logos Nutritionals as they teach you the importance antioxidants in our diet and why they are so important in overcoming the aging process caused by oxidative stress.  

Logos Nutritionals Antioxidants (Liver CS Plus, Monolaurin, Resveratrol,...